Rodney R Rice Jr (randolfimages)

I photograph for the essence of beauty; I photograph for the essence of time passed. Time passed on to the next moment; that it is always connected with the present. I photograph to beautify and enhance a moment; for which you, the viewer, wishes you were there to see it all unfold.

As I photograph dance, I become very excited; because I am a fan of the arts. I make my decisions on how I photograph; from the audience’s point of view; when you see one of my photos, your reaction is, “Wow, I remember that,” or “That’s nice; I wish I could have seen it live.” At times, the whole process of the event; the atmosphere, folks entering the auditorium, the ushers handing out programs, all the chatter before the program starts—it all encapsulates me so much that I must calm myself down. Take deep breaths because I’m so excited. I get charged up when the music begins, combined with a dark setting entering into light. “Lights, Camera, Action!”

I grew up in a home in the early 70’s where there was always music playing. As with music comes dancing—there was a lot of dancing. Between my grandmother, my mother and her six sisters; I saw all different types of dancing, and listened to a variety of music. There was a record shop in my neighborhood right next to the movie theatre. The record shop had two very large speakers attached to the building. The music played all day and night into the streets. There were folks always singing and dancing to the music on the adjacent corners of the intersection, as well as everyone who did their shopping in the shopping center. As I look back, that’s where it all began for me. I photograph dance to share what is inside of my soul from that time; it also keeps the best times of my life very much alive…..

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